John M. Gardiner

John Gardiner

The summary: High school theatre nerd gets technical and discovers cameras! Raised in the West Coast, the South, the East Coast, Midwest, Japan and Hawaii. 

Goes to film school.... yada yada! Let's grab coffee, I'll tell you the whole story. 

I shoot docs, features, shorts, music videos and commercials. 

You've seen my work on :  HBO / NBC/ ABC/ CBS / ESPN / NFL/NHL/MLB/ Netflix / VICE / ATTN / Turner / Facebook / AMEX / Capital Records / Nickelodeon / Viacom / Meta / Instagram / TikTok



Arri Alexa Mini (3.2K/4:3 Sensor/Prores/Arri Raw)

Red V-Raptor (8K/Full Frame/R3D/ProRes/120fps)

Canon C300MK3 (4K/Super35/MXF/Raw Lite 120fps)

Fujifilm XT4 (6.2k Stills/Super35/Timelapse/4K Video)


Easy Rig Vario5 Vest W/ Flowtech Serene

100cm Trost Slider 

Rhino Motion Timelapse Slider 

Gold Mount Batteries


NTG 4+ Shotgun & Boom Pole

Rode Wireless GO II Kit (2:1 / Mics:Receiver)

2x Sony Wireless/Digital Lav Kit (VoiceTech Mics)

Zoom F3 (2 Channel Audio recorder)


Canon Zooms (S35/EF/PL) 15-47 & 30-105 T2.8

Canon Full Frame Flex Zoom (PL) 20-50 T2.4

Canon Stabilized  Zooms (EF/AutoFocus) 17-55mm 70-200mmII 2.8

Celere HS Primes (FF/PL) 18.5/25/36/50/85

Zeiss ZE (FF/EF) 15/18/21/25/28/35/50/85/100/135

Iron Glass Primes (FF/PL) 20/28/37/55/85

Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic (PL) 27/35/50

Sigma Art Primes (FF/EF/AutoFocus) 18-35/20-35/20/28/40/50/85

Contax Zeiss Vintage Zooms (FF/EF) 28-85mm& 80-200mm

Fuji Primes  (S35/XF/AutoFocus) 16-55/50-140/18/33/56/90

*Voigtlander (FF/M-Mount) 21mm F1.4/28mm F2/40mm F1.4SC

*Canon FD (FF/FD Mount) 15/20/24/28/50/55/85/100/135/200/300


Aputure 600D 

2x Aputure F22C 2ft x 2ft Flexible light panel (RGB)

4x 4ft Quasar Rainbow Tube Kit (RGB)

2x 4ft Quasar Double Rainbow Tube Kit (RGB)

1x Lite Panel Gemini 1x1 Panel (RGB)

2x Nanlite 60C  w/ Leko & Fresnel AKS (RBG)

1x Nanlite 150B w/ Leko & Fresnel AKS (Bicolor) 


6x C-Stands 

2x Light Weight Combos

4x Small Stands

1x Heavy Duty Combo W/ C-Boom Arm

8x8 Frame w/ Silk

6x6 Frame Kit with various fabrics

10x Sandbags

Various Fabrics/Frames

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